About Us

MamaJanet.com (a subsidiary of Luzoma Microsystems) hopes to improve the relationship people have with eating healthy by offering Delicious Meals prepared by chefs and nutritionists and delivering them conveniently to your door.
We Offer a Full range of food from Native Soup to Nsala Soup to Ofada Stew to meet your dietary needs, and our menu is ever-changing so you can enjoy eating healthy every single day of the year!
You can order a whole pot of well prepared soup suitable for a family of 5 - 8 persons
When it comes to the health of our loyal customers we take absolutely no short cuts. Our produce is locally sourced, home-grown and delivered to our kitchens the exact same day they are Prepared for our customers. All of our meats are also locally sourced, hormone and antibiotic free, humanely raised and delivered fresh never frozen. When it comes to labels, we don't just read them, we study them all! Our kitchens are stocked with only high quality, healthy, natural ingredients! We do not use any products containing high fructose syrups, hydrogenated oils, modified starches, man-made dyes, table salt, white flour or white sugar. At MamaJanet.com our customers health is our #1 priority.

We offer door-to-door catering tray delivery service – perfect for your home or business. Orders are customized and prepared by our red seal chefs with the freshest ingredients.

Our commercial kitchens are dedicated to creating your meals. Designed and constructed by our own specialists, we adhere to the strictest quality control standards and feature state-of-the-art equipment.